Øget tilgang til IB på Grenaa Gymnasium

Increased Influx of IB students

Grenaa Gymnasium’s Boarding School extending its capacity

On August 10th Grenaa Gymnasium welcomed 183 new first year students and 42 of them were Pre-IB students.

Gymnasiestart på Grenaa Gymnasium On their first day they had the school to themselves, allowing them to focus on getting acquainted with their new classmates and teachers. The next day all the second and third year students joined, among them 41 new IB1 students.

“We are very happy to welcome all new students. We have experienced a significant increase in applications for Pre-IB and IB1,” Head of School Helene Bendorff Kristensen explains.

“This is a general pattern at all IB schools in Denmark. It seems that because of the Covid-19 pandemic more Danish expats than previously have opted for an IB school in their home country”.

The increased influx of students means that Grenaa Gymnasium’s Boarding School now has 141 students and has had to extend its capacity.

“We have worked hard and succeded in finding lodgings for the many new students in the very nearest vicinity of the Boarding School,” Helene Bendorff says.

The capacity of the boarding school kitchen has also been strengthened by Stephan Oppenhagen who fills the new position as head chef.