Creativity Activity Service at Grenaa Gymnasium

Creativity Activity Service (CAS) offers you  the opportunity for personal development through active involvement locally and globally.

• Creativity. Activities involving for example arts, blogging or recycling
• Activity: physical activities
• Service: volunteering for the benefit of others

CAS will broaden your horizon and challenge you in other ways than intellectually.
This happens for example when you:

• Plan and start activities for the benefit of others or your own development
• Take initiatives and work dedicatedly together with others
• Get involved in global and local issues
• Participate in sports and other leisure activities


Our two CAS-coordinators will help you put together your CAS-programme if needed.
Grenaa Gymnasium has established contacts among institutions and clubs in the local area that will be happy to receive your help.


Towards the end of IB2 you must provide documentation that you have had at least 150 hours of CAS-activities and that you have been challenged in new ways.

CAS-examples from Grenaa Gymnasium

– Life guard courses
– Red Cross Collections and Work
Danish Refugee Council Collections and Work
– Posthaven – a local rehabilitation and old people’s day center
Creative Writing
Model United Nations Role Play
– Second Hand Shop Collection and Help
– Music Festival Help (Rock i Rusk)

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