Pre-IB and IB Diploma at Grenaa Gymnasium in Denmark

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IB Diploma at Grenaa GymnasiumThe Pre-IB and IB program at Grenaa Gymnasium offers you:

    • very competent and dedicated teachers
    • the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that prepare you for further academic education in Denmark or abroad.
    • to become part of the international environment at our school.
    • to live at Grenaa Gymnasium’s boarding school

There are 530 students at Grenaa Gymnasium. 200 of them are Pre-IB and IB-students.

IB in a Danish Context. Marie and Alessandro share their thoughts

Grenaa Gymnasium’s science mini-exploratorium

I recently got into Aarhus University’s Biology department and I am unbelievably happy to have started there. You will definitely feel well-prepared for university life after IB. Clarissa, former IB student

IB stands for International Baccalaureate

Pre-IB and IB Overview

How to apply for admission to Pre-IB and IB Diploma

Talk to someone who knows the IB program at Grenaa Gymnasium

Grenaa Gymnasium’s Boarding School – school and friends at your doorstep  


Who Chooses IB Diploma?

Pre-IB and IB Diploma at Grenaa Gymnasium Denmark The Pre-IB and IB program (International Baccalaureate) addresses different student target groups. Have a look and see if you are in one of them:

1. Students who wish to study a higher education abroad.

Internationally oriented students who wish to study an international higher education or an internationally oriented education in Denmark.

2. Students whose mother tongue is not Danish.

Students whose knowledge of Danish is not enough for them to take a Danish stx-degree, but who still wish to get their degree in Denmark.

3. Students who have spent a year abroad.

Students who have been abroad for a year and who wish to continue with an international perspective.

4. Students with parents working abroad.

Students whose parents work abroad and who wish to complete their IB in Denmark in order to stay in contact with their nationality while keeping international possibilities open.

5. Students already studying at a school offering the IB program.

The attitude and the framework of the IB program is of an impressive standard and we are happy that our daughter has the opportunity to take part in it. Parent in Australia

What can you become with an IB Diploma?

The IB Diploma is a very good alternative to the Danish STX programme and opens your way to many further educations in Denmark and abroad.

Here are a few examples: Medicine, engineering, teaching, journalism, laboratory technician, law, physiotherapist, IT-technician, air traffic controller, language officer, social worker, biologist.