IB Cap Ceremony 2022 at Grenaa Gymnasium

IB students’ Cap Ceremony 2022

Grenaa Gymnasium celebrated 51 IB students from 23 countries

Each year the IB students are the first at Grenaa Gymnasium to finish their exams and true to tradition this was celebrated at the school with family and friends from all parts of the world. Many had made the journey here and others took part online.

Much like the later graduation event for the STX and HF students there were speeches and presentation of grants. The most recently Rasmus Bech Hansen at Grenaa Gymnasiumestablished grant is called Kirsten Bech in Memoriam. Kirsten Bech Hansen was the first IB Coordinator at Grenaa Gymnasium and the grant was presented for the first time last year. This year her son Rasmus Bech Hansen, who lives in London, presented the grant. In his speech he said among other things that his mother always had a focus on those students who struggled to pass and that she was genuinely happy when they succeeded after all. Rasmus Bech Hansen assured the students that even with mediocre grades you can come far in the world as long as you do something that is needed, that you are passionate about and good at.

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Cap Ceremony 2022 at Grenaa GymnasiumGrant recipients 2022

Kirsten Bech in Memoriam:
Kirils Matjunins
Mia Sørensen

Danske Bank Academic Grant:
Signe-Boline Altofte Svendsen
Ilana Yi Ping Wan

Danske Bank’s Boarding School Grant:
Martin Malovic

IB Flower Award:
Sarah Virgim Del Rocio Tamayo Camara

Djurslands Bank’s Integration Award:
IB Cap Ceremony 2022 Grenaa GymnasiumVincent Kosteyev Beckmann