IB Cap Ceremony 2021 at Grenaa Gymnasium

Celebrating IB2 Graduates at the end of Exams

Cap Ceremony 2021 at Grenaa Gymnasium

This year saw 37 IB2 graduates at Grenaa Gymnasium IB World School, and on May 21st they celebrated their graduation with their next of kin, teachers, the IB Coordinator and the Head of School. Again this year, it had not been a certainty that the celebration would take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so that it did, added extra happiness to the event, even if some were restricted to online presence only.
The IB Cap Ceremony at Grenaa Gymnasium is an event with refreshments, speeches, entertainment and the ceremonial placing of student caps on the heads of the graduates individually, usually done by a very proud parent, sibling or close friend.

IB Diploma Cap Ceremony 2021 at Grenaa GymnasiumStudents awarded grants

Another high point at the ceremony is when the recipients of grants are announced. This year’s recipients were:

IB Integration Grant:
Andrea Callin Tambosi and Mette Viftrup Holm-Jensen
Danske Bank’s Boarding School Grant: Yevheniia Yefimova
Danske Bank’s Academic IB Grant:
Kristian Broni
IB Flower Award:
Zlata Lapkovska
Kirsten Bech in Memoriam:
Caroline Kehlet and Francesca Kaori Maffini.

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Quotes from students’ and Coordinator’s speeches

Coming here, for me, was the first I lived anywhere else. I got to meet many people from places all around the world. In my time here, I questioned my certainties. … It was scary and unsettling, but it is that very fear that turns into exciting and mind growing adventures when you take the leap. – Andrea Callin Tambosi

IB Diploma Cap Ceremony 2021 at Grenaa Gymnasium

When I look to many of today’s  current leaders I am a bit afraid of the world of tomorrow. However, looking at the class sitting before me, who have shown me the qualities of tolerance, compassion and acceptance for all, despite our many different values and backgrounds, it leaves me hopeful for the world of tomorrow. – Francesca Kaori Maffini


In fact, we probably deserve the Guiness World Record Title for most international class of 2021 as we were physically separated around the world, spanning from Denmark to Mexico, all the way to Ukraine, and Cambodia. However, despite the distance, we still found ways to stay united, whether that be from the technical difficulties, awkward silences, microphones that had forgotten to be turned off, or funny backgrounds. – Caroline Kehlet

Try to think back on who you were, when you entered this school 2 or 3 years ago. What were your passions? Did you manage to unfold and develop them, or did they fall asleep? Do they lay dormant under the surface?
I know, for a fact, that some of you love Shakespeare (or I know of at least one)
I know that some of you are deeply absorbed in art, some have done countless hours of lab work in Biology, not only because you had to choose to investigate something for your EE, but because you like to work the science. I hope that you will find that passion again, if it fell asleep.  Or that you discover new ones. Your passion. – Eike Strandsby, IB Coordinator