The HF Programme at Grenaa Gymnasium

The HF is a 2-year upper-secondary programme that qualifies students for a wide range of further education programmes. Most of our HF-graduates continue at short and medium length educations, but the programme also qualifies for high-level education.

The HF Programme aims at developing the students’ study competences within the humanities, natural science and social science.
The programme has emphasis on combining practical and theoretical knowledge.
It aims at:
• promoting the students’ responsibility for individual and joint results
• developing the students’ understanding of the connections between subjects
• improving the students’ linguistic competences

A two-month introductory course introduces the students to the programme’s subjects, improves their reading skills and supports them in establishing good working habits.

Workshops compulsory for all students, and individual talks with those students who need it, continue the supportive efforts.

In the second year, students must choose 2-4 elective subjects and research for and write an extended essay.

Special HF-features at Grenaa Gymnasium

  • Homework is schoolwork. Most textbooks and literature are read in class in order to better support each student’s learning process.
  • Elective lines: Individual & Society, Sports, Arts, Health, Science, Economics

Further information on the HF-program