Gallafest 2022 Grenaa Gymnasium

Gala Event 2022

At long last: gala event for all students

The Gala Event at Grenaa Gymnasium is the most important school party during a school year. After two years interruption because of the covid 19 pandemic it was much needed to revive it. The students dine with their class mates and organize this part of the event themselves. Everybody, especially the final year students, dress up to the nines for this party, and often have speeches, quizzes and crownings prepared for entertainment during the dinner.

In the weeks up to the event students have been Gallafest 2022 på Grenaa Gymnasiumtaught and practiced The Lancers Quadrilles, a British-French 19th century dance that has survived at Danish upper-secondary schools as a very enjoyable tradition. Those final year students who have their families in the local area invited them to come and watch them either fly or crash in the last circassian circle!

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