Starting Well

At Grenaa Gymnasium we focus on the well-being og every single student from the first day of school.

What do we do?
An essential condition for a good learning outcome is to feel accepted and included among one’s classmates.
Therefore, the first day of school is packed with activities that help the students beginning to get to know one another. Well before the autumn break in October all classes go on a 36-hour-trip to DGI Karpenhøj, which is a nearby outdoor activity centre.
Furthermore, all first year classes go through a programme called Netwerk, which aims at developing team spirit, openness and mutual respect among the students.

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The Netwerk programme is based on pairs of students being each other’s buddies. The buddies will keep an eye on each other’s well-being during lessons and breaks.
Two pairs of buddies make a buddies’ study group in as many lessons as possible.
Every third week new pairs of buddies are made. In this way each student will get to know and work together with many of his/her classmates.

Detecting loneliness
Included in the Netwerk programme is teaching in how to become aware of one’s own or other classmates’ loneliness and social deprivation, should that occur, and how to seek help.

What to expect from each other
After the first couple of weeks each class will define and agree on the code of conduct they find appropriate for a good learning outcome for everybody. This part of the Netwerk programme is integrated in the trip to Karpenhøj.

It was really nice getting to know the class better and Karpenhøj provided a great setting for that.

Pre-IB student

For how long?

The Netwerk programme is concluded by mid-October (Autumn Break). However, the teachers will of course continue to monitor the well-being of each student and of the class as a whole.

Netwerk is developed by the voluntary social organisation Ventilen and funded by The Mary Foundation