Erasmus+ udvekslingsprogram på Grenaa Gymnasium

Heritage, Climate and Democracy

Danish/Spanish/Italian exchange project at Grenaa Gymnasium

Last week Grenaa Gymnasium hosted the first part of an exchange project with students and teachers from two schools in Spain and Italy respectively. The student visitors stayed with students at Grenaa Gymnasium and in that way had a firsthand impression of Danish everyday life.

The programme included minor assignments and presentations that guests and hosts carried out together. They focused on Danish cultural heritage, climate change challenges and democratic participation in Denmark. Democratic participation they were able to observe at a very basic level at Grenaa Gymnasium where students influence and contribute their school life through the many committees and activities.

The visitors went on several trips in the local area that of course related to the three themes. Some of the places they visited were the energy company Ørsted at Grenaa Habour, Reno Djurs the local waste treatment company, the open air town museum Den Gamle By in Aarhus and the cathedral in Aarhus. Last but not least they were of course also offered the opportunity of a “Viking svim” at Grenaa Beach and a traditional Danish “Christmas lunch” concluded the week’s programme.

Students and teachers at Grenaa Gymnasium now look forward to return-visits and explore the three themes in Spanish and Italian contexts.
The exchange project is partly funded by Erasmus+