Dimission for STX og HF 2019 på Grenaa Gymnasium

Graduation Ceremony at Grenaa Gymnasium

107 STX-students and 47 HF-students graduated from Grenaa Gymnasium on June 28th 2019

The ceremony took place in the Assembly Hall in front of proud and happy parents and teachers. In addition to presentation of examination certificates and grants there were musical entertainment, singalong and speeches delivered by Chair of the Student Council Emma Hougaard and Head of School Helene Bendorff Kristensen.

Many students in extra-curricular activities

Head of School Helene Bendorff Kristensen gave praise to the students for their commitment to a variety of extra-curricular activities ranging from the national science festival over a national charity event to the school’s theatre concert.
Rektor Helene Bendorff Kristensen uddelte eksamensbeviser ved dimissionen 2019 på Grenaa GymnasiumThis was a theme that Chair of the Student Council Emma Hougaard also mentioned in her speech. “This is the Grenaa Gymnasium spirit that all of us here know. Maybe we are seen upon as a small school in a remote part of the country, but this has not stopped us from making our voice heard. Whether it was in protesting against new national exam regulations or by running the best Friday Café in the country we made sure it was never boring being a student at Grenaa Gymnasium. We were taught by our teachers that if we want something done or changed then we must get involved.”

There are no grades for personal qualities

The Head of School in her speech also stressed that STX and HF are programmes that aim to give an all-round education that does not only offer the opportunity to acquire academic proficiency but also to grow as a person and as a citizen
Dimissionstale 2019 på Grenaa Gymnasium“… upper-secondary education must give you knowledge that you do not yet realise that you will need later on. This is a solid foundation for your futures, knowledge about history from ancient times until this day, about the world of art and literature as well as the world of atoms. The process and experience of analyzing and interpreting issues and phenomena together with others is of fundamental importance in the world we live in today.”

Helene Bendorff Kristensen further added that even more importantly one’s personal qualities are just as important for one’s future career, as one’s grades are. “The exams you have passed say nothing about the personal qualities that have been nurtured and have grown in each of you during your time here at Grenaa Gymnasium. To be able to work in a team, to be a good person that respects other persons will be necessary for all of you.”

Graduation Anniversary September 7th 2019

Students awarded grants 2019

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