New at the Boarding School

We help you settling down

On arrival
On arrival the staff and the tutors will welcome you.
The tutors are 2nd or 3rd year boarding students. They know what it is like to move into a new place and start from scratch.
You will be introduced to your tutor, who will guide you on how to get a good introduction to life at the boarding school.
One of the five boarding school teachers will be your contact teacher.

Grenaa Gymnasium's Boarding SchoolThe first month
During the first month a lot of introduction activities offer you good opportunities to make new friends.
The tutors will show you around at the Boarding School and Grenaa.
One of the five boarding school teachers is your personal contact teacher.

Your room
Your room at the Boarding School is furnished, but you are welcome to use your own furniture instead.

Most students live in a double room the first year. Our rooms are placed different locations close to the school and the main building of the boarding school. The rooms are situated no more than 500 meters from the school. Most double rooms have their own toilet and shower.

Moving in
You must make an appointment with Head of Boarding School Julie Møller.
Reach Julie on phone at +45 4049 9884.