Meals at the Boarding School

The meals is an important part of everyday life at the Boarding School

Attendance at mealtimes is mandatory and this is when we all meet and discuss things large and small.
We strive to create a nice and cosy atmosphere in the dining hall and to ensure that the food is appetizing and healthy.

Meals at Grenaa Gymnasium's boarding school

The kitchen staff takes pride in cooking fresh, homemade food.
We combine Danish cooking with international cooking.

There is a great difference between eating together as a family and in a group of more than 200. Therefore, pay attention to what is espected of you by watching what others do. The staff is also always there to guide you.

Meals at Grenaa Gymnasium's boarding schoolSpecial dietary needs

The kitchen staff are cooking varied food to cover your dietary needs. At all meals you can find a vegetarian buffet. If you have allergies, you must provide the information at the boarding application.

When you move in, we will talk with you. Here we clarify any special dietary needs.

Meals for guests
If you have a guest, you must buy food tickets. This is done through Studiz or in the canteen at the school.

Meals at Grenaa Gymnasium's boarding school