Study Trips and Excursions at Grenaa Gymnasium

The study trip will be one of the peaks during your time at Grenaa Gymnasium.

On the study trip you are with your classmates and two of your teachers in a different way than at home and you see and experience things that Grenaa cannot offer.

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The study trip, however, is only one among several trips you are offered:

  • Pre-IB students will spend 24 hours at an outdoor activity centre. The trip itself will be paid by the school but you must pay for the food yourselves.
  • Pre-IBs and IB1’s will spend a day together in a nearby beach house.
  • In the spring term in IB1 you will go on a study trip outside Denmark for 5-7 days.

In addition to this you might be offered various excursions, for example a TOK-day trip to Aarhus, or a  two hour visit at a local furniture designer’s studio.


The school may collect fees from you for participating in short excursions and the study trip which is considered part of the teaching.

Excursions that cost more than DKK 80 per day are voluntary. The school provides alternative teaching if you choose not to participate in the planned excursion or study trip.

The maximum charge is  DKK 4,000. for the studytrip in IB1.
Expenses for food and pocket money must be added to the costs.

All payment for excursions and trips must go through Studiz.

Financial support

You can apply the GG Grant for financial support.
Contact the school office for further information.

Make a donation to the GG Grant


All study trips, exchange trips and excursions are for learning purposes and attendance is compulsory with regard to all learning related activities.
You must comply with the rules set by the teachers regarding alcohol consumption, behaviour, etc.