Sports at Grenaa Gymnasium

Re-charge yourself for learning.

There are a number of good reasons to be physically active while you are a student at Grenaa Gymnasium

  • Your health and well-being is strengthened
  • You experience friendships and fun
  • Your ability to concentrate and learn increases

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We have good sports facilities at the school and within walking distance

  • Two gymsOutdoor playing field
  • Grenaa Sports Center (5 minutes)
  • Grenaa Plantation (5 minutes)
  • Grenaa Beach (20 minutes)

Optional PE

The activities in Optional PE vary from year to year. We have done e.g. basketball, handball, swimming, badminton and football.

Contact one of the PE teachers

Football (soccer)

Grenaa Gymnasium always has a football team selected among all students at the school.

Every year the team joins a tournament with the neighbouring gymnasiums in Hadsten, Paderup and Rønde.

The games are usually hard-fought and close.

Sports Day

Every second year in September we have a Sports Day for all students at Grenaa Gymnasium.

The morning programme offers many different physical activities, from yoga over kayak paddling to American football.

In the afternoon all classes compete in funny disciplines like sack race, book tossing and get-across-the-field-without-touching-the-grass.

The day ends with a giant school relay race.

Attendance is mandatory.