Science Club

Passionate about science? In the need for extra lab-time?

Science Club at Grenaa Gymnasium is an extra-curricular activity that gives you extra time to explore natural science topics that interests you.

It might be topics related to or beyond your curriculum.

Science Club is also for you if you need extra lab-time for an IA or the EE.

Science Club is run by the students who join it. You decide what you want to do.
The teachers of Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and Biology can be asked for help if you need it, but they will not run the show for you!
Science Club extra-curricular activity at Grenaa Gymnasium

Activities in the Science Club could be:

Creating a high pressure in a tube will enable an orange to travel pretty far. Examine the effect of pressure and firing angle for maximum distance.

The Human Body
How to measure one’s general health? Examine your BMI, body fat percentage, pulse at rest and blood pressure

Go on a trip!
For example to Aarhus University to attend a lecture.


Contact one of the science teachers