Joint Lessons

Something interesting, important, educating and maybe even fun.

There are joint lessons on subjects of current interest a number of times each year. Some of them are for all students and teachers, some are for only a part of the school.
Joint lessons are always with a person or a group of persons from outside. It can be writers, musicians, actors, journalists, scientists etc. The only limit to what a joint lesson could be about is your imagination.

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Fællestimer på Grenaa Gymnasium

Some of the joint lessons have been:

Oedipus. Modern version by Teater2Tusind

Fake News. Talk and workshop with journalist Erkan Özden

Poet Søren Ulrich Thomsen with jazz band

David Trads, journalist: The Trump election campaign


What is interesting, important, educating, fun?

If you have an idea for a joint lesson, please contact the Activity Committee