SU – questions and answers!

When do I get SU?
You will get SU in the first complete quarter after you become 18. (the quarters start in January, April, July and October).

Example – if your birthday is on:
March the 11th– you will get SU from April the 1st.
July the 1st –  you will get SU from October the 1st.

When can I apply for SU?
The earliest you can apply is one month before you are due to be accepted to recieve SU. e.g. If your birthday is April the 2nd and you are due to recieve SU on the 1st of July you can apply for it on the 1st of June.
See the section about foreign students if you are not a Danish national.

How do I apply for SU?

  • Go to and apply online via “MinSU”
  • You will need a Danish CPR-number (make sure that the school has it!)
  • You will need your “NemID” to log in (
  • You need to have opened a “NEMkonto” via your bank (
  • You also need to open an “e-boks” if you do not have one already through your netbank. You will get all of your mail about SU through your e-boks from “SUstyrelsen” (

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